Movietime: The Evil Dead

This weekend for movietime we enter the realm of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for the B-Level cult classics that comprise The Evil Dead trilogy.

Five college students trip to an isolated cabin in the woods takes a grim turn when they find a book of ancient evil and an audio tape that releases horrible demons… Can BRUCE CAMPBELL survive the hellish nightmare of THE EVIL DEAD?

Having survived the first fatal trip into the woods, BRUCE CAMPBELL once again takes his girlfriend for a weekend retreat, but once again stumbles into releasing evil spirits. Can he defeat the evil once more, or will he be… DEAD BY DAWN?

  • Fri, August 3 - The Evil Dead - 11:00PM EST (GMT -5)
  • Sat, August 4 - ED2: Dead by Dawn - 11:00PM EST (GMT -5)

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